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Annual report 2017-18

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Annual report 2017–18 (PDF 6.6MB)

Annual report 2017–18 (DOCX 2.3MB)

For more information on this report or to provide feedback, please contact the Manager, Communication and Education on 07 3046 5670 or email annualreport@rta.qld.gov.au.


Introducing the RTA
Chair’s message
CEO’s message
Our Strategic Plan 2017–21
Our operating environment
Our clients
2017–18 Snapshot

Download the Introduction section (PDF 4.5MB)

Our operations

Our tailored services
Dispute resolution
Bond management
Our sector
Our proactive compliance agenda

Download the Our sector section (PDF 579KB)

Our performance

Our performance highlights 2017–18
Our contribution to community objectives
Our contribution to whole-of-government activities
Our management of key community concerns and RTA issues
Service summary
Our future business directions

Download the Our clients section (PDF 1MB)

Our organisation

Our organisational structure
Board members
Accountability and risk management
Our Executive Leadership Team
Our corporate governance framework
RTA support for community

Download the Our organisation section (PDF 787B)

Our finances

Financial performance overview
General purpose financial report
Management certificate
Independent auditor’s report
Glossary – acronyms and abbreviations
List of charts, graphs and tables
Compliance checklist

Download the Our finances section (PDF 1MB)


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