Rooming accommodation managers information

A rooming accommodation provider or manager is a person who carries out the daily tasks involved in managing rooming accommodation tenancies, such as boarding houses.

To help you clearly understand the rights and responsibilities of a rooming accommodation provider, our publication Managing rooming accommodation tenancies in Queensland is available to download.

Rooming accommodation managers must be familiar with all relevant legislation.

When managing rooming accommodation, there are forms that must be used at various stages of the process. Information is available throughout this site about the processes and forms needed for each stage of a tenancy.

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Useful contacts

Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association (Queensland) (ARAMA)

Phone: 07 3257 3927

Supported Accommodation Providers Association (SAPA)

Phone: 0439 892 028

Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS)

Phone: 131 450