Holiday season is here

Dec 2016

The festive season is upon us and caravan parks across the state are starting to fill up with holiday makers as well as family and friends visiting park residents.

As you prepare for the influx of occupants, remember that preparation and good communication is the key to a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season. It may be a good idea to talk openly with tenants, asking them to ensure their guests obey park rules and are mindful of others' right to quiet enjoyment.

RTA Director, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement, Meghan Hibbert, said the Act does not prohibit tenants in a caravan park from having guests visit or stay with them and it does not mention how long guests may stay.

"Guests do use communal facilities, and therefore some parks apply a small guest fee," Ms Hibbert said.

"It is entirely up to the caravan park manager if they want to charge a fee for guests, although this would need to be included in the park rules," she said.

From all of us at the RTA, we wish you a safe and happy holiday and all the very best for the new year.

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