RTA videos support hearing impaired clients

The RTA actively provides assistive services for our hearing impaired clients by providing a series of Auslan translation videos available on our YouTube channel.

The videos, which were developed in partnership with Deaf Services Queensland, cover popular topics such as:

Chair of the Deafness Forum of Australia David Brady said 3.5 million Australians were hearing impaired or deaf and this number was projected to increase to 1 in every 4 Australians by 2050.

"Hearing loss is often described as the ‘invisible disability’," Mr Brady said.

"The number of Australians who are hearing impaired or deaf is increasing mainly due to long-term exposure to excessive noise in the workplace, the environment and a result of an ageing population.

"We need Australians to understand the various degrees of hearing loss and how to communicate effectively with people who are deaf or hearing impaired.

"One of the main consequences of hearing loss is a reduced capacity to communicate," Mr Brady said.

Hearing impaired clients can also contact the RTA via the National Relay Service:

  • TTY users: phone 133 677
  • Speak and Listen users: phone 1300 555 727
  • Internet relay users: go to

Tips for good communication

Take steps to reduce the tension in as many ways as you can, including making allowances and compromises for each other. And learn to listen – which involves much more than hearing!

A good listener:

  • Allows people to finish what they are saying without interrupting
  • Physically shows an interest in other people’s conversations
  • Asks questions when they don’t understand the point that’s being made
  • Tunes out distractions when they are listening
  • Looks for non-verbal messages (like body language, facial expression and tone of voice)
  • Avoids getting upset if the speaker’s views are different from theirs
  • Shows empathy