Preparing rental properties for storm season

Dec 2016

Property owners and managers are encouraged to ensure rental properties are well prepared for summer storms.

RTA CEO Darren Barlow said there were steps managers and owners could take to help minimise the risk of damage to rental properties.

"Property owners are responsible for keeping the place in good repair.

"Firstly, ensure routine maintenance and repairs are done ahead of time.

"This typically includes clearing gutters so water can get away quickly and trimming trees and overhanging branches."

Darren said it was a good idea to check the condition of the roof and make any necessary repairs.

"Remember you must provide the tenants with an Entry notice giving the appropriate notice period before entering the property or the yard."

For routine repairs 24 hours notice must be given unless the tenant agrees otherwise.

Darren said owners and managers can also make sure tenants are aware what they can do to prepare for storms.

"Tenants are responsible for their furniture and belongings.

"Before a storm, tenants need to secure any loose items that could cause damage such as play equipment and outdoor furniture."

Darren said being storm ready was part of living in Queensland.

Find out more about preparing for storm season on the SES website.