Spotlight on: Forwarding address

Summer 2016

Tenants should provide the property manager/owner with their forwarding address if requested in writing unless they have a reasonable excuse not to provide it.

Tenants should also inform the RTA of their forwarding address and contact details at the end of a tenancy in case there is a dispute or an issue with the bond refund.

Although bond refunds are only paid into Australian bank accounts and cheques are no longer issued, tenants should ensure their forwarding address is included on the Refund of rental bond (Form 4) that is submitted to the RTA.

If the tenant and property manager/owner do not agree on how the bond should be refunded, the RTA will send out the Notice of claim and Dispute resolution request (Form 16).

To receive notices more quickly, tenants can provide the RTA with their email address by filling in a Client details form and ticking the box that says "agree to receive RTA notices by email". The completed form can be emailed to: or mailed to: GPO Box 390, Brisbane QLD 4001.

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