Glossary of terms

Bond or rental bondA security deposit paid at the start of a tenancy
Co-tenancy / co-tenanciesAll tenants are named on the tenancy agreement
ConciliationResolution, compromise, settlement, mediation
Emergency repairSerious problem needing urgent repair
Fair wear and tearNormal wear in a property
Fixed agreementTenancy agreement with a fixed start and end date
FixturesThings attached or installed in the property, e.g. picture hooks
InclusionsThings included for use, e.g. dishwasher
LessorA landlord or property owner
Mortgagee in possessionMortgage company or bank takes over a property
Moveable dwellingCaravan, manufactured home, or site
Notice to remedy breachWritten document asking a person to fix a problem
Parties to the agreement / partiesEveryone included in the agreement e.g. tenant and manager
Periodic agreementTenancy agreement that extends indefinitely
ProviderPerson providing rooming accommodation
Queensland Civil and Administrative tribunal (QCAT)Law court which decides on residential tenancy matters
Remedy breachFix a problem
Rent auctions / rent biddingBidding for how much rent a tenant will pay
ResidentPerson living in rooming accommodation
Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008The law for renting residential accommodation in QLD
Rooming accommodationBoarding house, hostel, student accommodation
Routine repairNon-serious problem which can be fixed routinely
RTAResidential Tenancies Authority
Share home / share house2 or more tenants share the house and costs
State of repair / fit stateWell maintained
Sub-lettingOne tenant sub-lets to another
Tenancy agreementRental agreement, lease, contract
the ActResidential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008
The TribunalQueensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
TrainingSitecore training
Unliveable / non-liveableCannot be lived in
Vacant possessionTenant must be out of the property
Warrant of possessionCourt order to have control of the property
WELS ratingWater efficiency labelling scheme
Without groundsHaving no reason for doing something