Show cause notice for rent arrears - tenancy agreement

From 29 March to 30 September 2020, a freeze on evictions is in effect for tenants in rent arrears due to the COVID-19 emergency – please refer to the Residential Tenancies Practice Guide.

If a tenant falls behind in their rent payments during the COVID-19 emergency period, the property manager/owner can issue a Show cause notice for rent arrears – tenancy agreement and request further information on the cause of the tenant’s rent arrears.

When a tenant is issued this notice, they should rectify the situation by:

  • Paying the rent arrears within the next 14 days and continue to pay rent as per their existing tenancy agreement, or
  • Responding to this notice within the next 14 days with evidence that rent arrears are a result of excessive hardship from the COVID-19 emergency.

If the tenant takes no action, the normal breach process may be followed.

It is important tenants and property managers/owners communicate with each other and discuss the options available when resolving situations involving rent arrears.

There are COVID-19 tenancy variation agreements to help you formalise any agreed variation to your existing tenancy agreement over the COVID-19 emergency period.

If you are unable to reach agreement, conciliation through the RTA is a mandatory process. You can request conciliation for a COVID-19 related tenancy dispute via the COVID-19 Dispute Resolution Web Service or completing a COVID-19 dispute resolution request (Form 16a).

    Form - Show cause notice for rent arrears - tenancy arrangement
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