Entry in rooming accommodation

The resident has the right to enjoy the privacy of their room but there are certain times when the provider may need to enter.

The entry rules are different for general tenancies and moveable dwellings.

  • The rooming accommodation provider can enter at any time if the resident agrees.
  • The resident may agree verbally or it may be specified in the rooming accommodation agreement (eg: for cleaning). This should be set out in Item 9 of the agreement.
  • At all other times the provider must give the resident written notice on an Entry Notice (Form R9) or they may put an entry notice up in the common area if they are entering more than one room on the same day.
  • The resident cannot refuse access if the correct notice form and time period has been given.
  • The only time the provider can enter the resident's room without an Entry notice or without the resident's agreement is:
    • in an emergency
    • if they believe the resident has abandoned (left permanently) their room
    • if they need to do urgent repairs to the property or a facility in the property

Disputes about entry

If issues arise around entry to the property, due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, tenants and property managers should speak to one another and attempt to resolve the issue. If the dispute cannot be resolved by communicating, customers may be eligible for priority COVID-19 dispute resolution. If the dispute is around entry to the property, and does not relate to COVID-19, the RTA’s general dispute resolution service may be able to help.

Entry notice periods are shown in the table below

Purpose Notice Details
Clean the room 24 hours Unless both the resident and the provider have already agreed on a regular time in Item 9 of the Rooming accommodation agreement
Carry out pest control 24 hours  
Make repairs 24 hours  
Show the room to someone who wants to buy the property or who wants to live there 24 hours  
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