Dispute resolution

There is a process to resolving tenancy disputes that starts with self-resolution. Good communication is the key to resolving most tenancy problems. When agreement cannot be reached after you discuss the issue directly with the other person, the RTA’s dispute resolution process can assist you to resolve the issue. Unresolved matters can be heard at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).


  • Talk directly with the other person - this saves time and money
  • If the dispute involves a breach of the agreement - issue a Notice to remedy breach (Form 11)
  • If you reach agreement always put it in writing

Dispute resolution service

If you cannot reach agreement through self-resolution, an RTA conciliator may be able to help you negotiate an agreement with the other person. The RTA’s dispute resolution service is free and our conciliators are impartial.They help you, and the other person, make informed decisions and reach an outcome that is acceptable to you both. Conciliators do not determine who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and they cannot make decisions about disputes or enforce rules or regulations. The process is voluntary and people cannot be compelled to take part in the process.

  • Apply for dispute resolution
  • Prepare for conciliation
  • Matters unsuitable for conciliation
  • If the dispute is resolved the conciliator will clarify any agreement in writing. Everyone will sign the agreement and return the signed copy to the RTA. The agreement forms part of the tenancy agreement and QCAT can enforce it if necessary
  • Dispute resolution process


If no resolution is reached, or if the matter is unsuitable for conciliation, an application may be made to QCAT for a decision. QCAT considers evidence and makes enforceable decisions. If the dispute relates to a bond refund, strict time limits apply.

Dispute resolution process flow chart
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