Free tenancy training helps renters stand out from the crowd

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Successful tenancies are an essential element of renting that works for everyone – tenants, landlords and property managers.

Skillsets for Successful Tenancies – Dollars and Sense is a new, free tenancy training program which is helping to educate tenants about important tenancy and life skills required to rent a property.

The program is delivered by the Tenancy Skills Institute and funded by the Queensland Government.

Katie Knight from RE/MAX Success (pictured) is passionate about supporting tenants to succeed.

“Most people want to do the right thing,” Ms Knight says. “Sometimes though, life skills like communication, budgeting, overcoming unexpected expenses and how to effectively clean, are not taught through childhood and schooling.”

The Dollars and Sense program was developed after consulting with property managers across Queensland.

The training consists of four modules:

  • communication
  • tenant rights and responsibilities
  • budgeting
  • cleaning and maintenance

Mark Davidson, from the Tenancy Skills Institute, says the program is for anyone who has had difficulty getting into the rental market or keeping a property.

“We want to create good tenants for property managers and for their property owners so they can see the value in giving people a go,” Mr Davidson says.

The program is also bridging the gap between property managers and tenants. Property managers participate as guest speakers where they answer practical questions and give insights into their work.

Katie Knight from RE/MAX Success is a regular presenter at the training.

“I like to show students that we are not here to give them grief, but that most property managers have the same goal they do – no-hassle, easy tenancies where there is open communication. If something doesn’t go according to plan, we can create a plan to resolve the problem and move forward.”

Once complete, graduates will receive a certificate which may be recognised by property managers, and this is often used in place of a rental history.

Ms Knight says the more people who are aware of and then participate in the Dollars and Sense program, the better the outcomes will be for everyone involved.

“This program is, hands down, one of the most comprehensive education tools I’ve seen.”
- Katie Knight, Re/MAX Success

“It provides the confidence and the practical tools to navigate whatever life might throw at our tenants and still come out on top with positive rental experiences.”

For more information visit the Tenancy Skills Institute website. Visit the RTA website for information on tenancy rights and responsibilities.

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