Streamlining services for a paperless RTA

The RTA is making a number of exciting changes over the coming months as part of our ongoing digital optimisation to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Our move towards paperless services will reduce the Queensland rental sector’s environmental footprint and enable the RTA to focus our resources on delivering tailored customer services and support in line with our commitment to customer-excellence practices, particularly as usage of RTA web services increases.

The RTA’s online Bond Lodgement web service – launched in mid-2019 – minimises the need for paper-based transactions and enables customers to lodge and pay single bonds online, making the process faster, more convenient and more secure for everyone. Digital bond lodgements also minimise risks, delays and administrative work resulting from illegible or missing information on paper forms submitted.

With paperless transactions for essential tenancy services such as bond refunds, bond disputes and updating customer details anticipated to be available in the coming months, the RTA will cease bulk printing of all forms and publications from 1 January 2020 to further streamline services.

Customers will still be able to download forms and publications from our website, and single printed copies can be ordered via the website and Contact Centre. Forms and publications published on our website are in a user-friendly format and are continually updated. The RTA encourages customers to always download the latest version from the website.

For legislative requirements like the Pocket guide for tenants, the RTA encourages property owners/managers to offer an electronic PDF copy of the information statement to tenants via email if they are agreeable to it. If the tenant agrees, then the property owner/manager must keep a record of the email that is sent to the tenant with the PDF copy of the information statement as proof that they have given a copy to the tenant as required under legislation.

Important reminder – the PDF upload facility for scanned bond refund forms will be replaced by the Bond Refund service in the coming months.

Learn more about the changes to RTA services. For assistance and dedicated support with RTA web services, call 1300 366 311.

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