Applying to QCAT

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) decides a range of tenancy disputes.

Before applying to QCAT, tenants and property manager/owners must:

If the dispute cannot be resolved, the RTA will issue a Notice of unresolved dispute. The person who lodged the dispute resolution request can choose to apply for a QCAT hearing.

Time limits apply.

Paperwork required

  • Notice of unresolved dispute (unless it is an urgent matter)
  • QCAT application forms (QCAT, 1300 753 228 or local Magistrates court).

Lodging a QCAT application

Lodge the application and Notice of unresolved dispute with QCAT and pay the filing fee. Provide 3 copies of the application to QCAT (one for QCAT, one for the applicant and one for the respondent).

QCAT will then notify the applicant and respondent of the hearing.

Visit the QCAT website for more information.


Additional assistance can be provided by organisations for tenants, property managers and property owners.