Entry notice (Form R9)

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The Entry notice is completed by the property manager/owner and given to the tenant. It informs the tenant of the property manager/owner’s intention to enter the property on a particular date.

If the tenant disputes the grounds for entry they should try and resolve this with the person who issued the notice. If they still do not agree, or are unsure if the property manager/owner is following the rules of entry, the RTA’s free dispute resolution service may be able to help.

The property manager/owner should be present if someone else (e.g. a tradesperson) needs to enter the room. If the property manager/owner is not present, the other person must be able to show written proof they have been asked to enter the room

Reason for entry Timeframe required
With tenant's agreement At agreed time
Inspection 48 hours
To clean the room 24 hours
To make routine repairs or carry out maintenance 24 hours
To carry out pest control 24 hours
To show the room to prospective buyer or tenant 24 hours
To allow a valuation 24 hours
To comply with the Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990 24 hours
Emergency Without notice
Reasonably believes the room has been abandoned Without notice
Urgent repairs Without notice


Form R9 – Entry notice – rooming accommodation
Download (PDF 150KB)
Current version: v5 Jun21
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