Exit condition report

The Exit condition report (Form 14a) or The Exit condition report (Form 14b) for a movable dwelling/site shows the condition of the property and any inclusions (e.g. furniture) when the tenant leaves. There is no Exit condition report form for rooming accommodation.

The Exit condition report is an important part of the bond refund process. It is compared to the Entry condition report (Form 1a) or The Entry condition report (Form 1b) for a movable dwelling/site to determine if the property is in the same condition as when the tenant moved in, apart from fair wear and tear.

Ideally, the tenant and property manager/owner should complete the report together, however it can be completed separately.

What to do

  • tenant thoroughly cleans the property (handy tips)
  • tenant and property manager/owner complete the Exit condition report (together or separately)
  • tenant vacates the property  
  • property manager/owner sends a completed copy of the report to the tenant at their new address within 3 business days
  • once the property has been vacated, the tenant may request a bond refund  (as long as no money is owed to the property manager/owner for rent, damages or other costs)

The property manager/owner must keep a copy of the signed report for at least 1 year after the tenancy ends.

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