Caravan park (moveable dwelling) fact sheets

These fact sheets have been prepared specifically for owners/managers and tenants of moveable dwellings in Queensland: caravans, caravan sites and mobile homes. These types of accommodation are covered by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (the Act).

The RTA has also produced a range of fact sheets for tenants/residents and property managers/owners or providers living in or managing houses, units, flats and rooming accommodation. These are available on the General tenancy fact sheets and Rooming accommodation fact sheets pages.

The RTA and Caravanning Qld also have a joint webinar with tenancy information for Park Managers. 

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Allowing time when serving notices - moveable dwellings  PDF (166KB)
Caravan parks and manufactured homes  PDF (169KB)
Moveable dwelling park closure  PDF (165KB)
Moveable dwelling tenancy agreements  PDF (337KB)
Police powers to deal with a serious nuisance in a moveable dwelling park  PDF (167KB)
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