General tenancy agreement

The General tenancy agreement (Form 18a) is for a tenant renting houses, townhouses, units and houseboats.

It is a legally binding written contract that outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of a tenant and property manager/owner. It applies to everyone renting the property (e.g. those in share homes or co-tenancies).

The agreement should be written in a clear way and the property manager/owner must pay for the cost of preparing it.

Special terms

Special terms can be added if the property manager/owner and tenant agree.

Examples: keeping pets, water charging, pool maintenance

Signing the agreement

The tenant must sign the agreement and return it to the property manager/owner within 5 days.

The tenant should be sent a copy within 14 days of the property manager/owner receiving the original.

The tenant must also be given a copy of the Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units (Form 17a).

During the tenancy

The property manager/owner must give permission for any new tenants or sub-tenants before they can move in.

Property manager/owner records

The property manager/owner must keep a copy of the agreement for 1 year after the agreement ends.

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