Bond refunds

A bond refund request should be completed and sent to the RTA when the tenancy has ended.

The quickest and easiest way to get a bond refund is for the tenant and the property manager/owner to reach agreement about how the bond is to be paid out.

If you have provided the RTA with an email address, we will send you updates on the progress of your bond refund.

Agreed refunds

  • there must be an agreement on how the bond should be paid
  • everyone listed on the bond signs the refund form

On average you will receive your bond refund within 2-3 days of the RTA receiving your completed form. We encourage clients not to call until this timeframe has elapsed.

    Refunds are only paid into Australian bank accounts (no cheques).

    Disputed refunds

    • not everyone signs the same bond refund form, and/or
    • there is no agreement about how the bond should be paid

    When this occurs the RTA:

    • releases any undisputed amounts
    • holds any disputed amount/s, and
    • sends a Notice of claim to the people who did not sign the refund form. They will have 14 days to dispute the bond claim.

    The RTA may assist with dispute resolution if a dispute resolution request is received with 14 days.

    Bond loans

    The RTA will deduct the amount owing on the bond loan from the tenant’s refund and pay it directly to the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy.

    Requesting a refund

    Emailed or photocopied forms will not be accepted.

    Important: If you are unable to use RTA Web Services or post and you need urgent help to submit a bond refund form, please call RTA on 1300 366 311 and we'll help you.

    It is an offence under Queensland tenancy law to knowingly give false or misleading information to the RTA.

    Form 4 – Refund of rental bond
    Download (PDF 89KB)
    Current version: v7 Jun21
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