Online Bond Refund

You can use the RTA’s Bond Refund Web Service to submit a request for a full bond refund or a partial refund following a rent reduction. When everyone agrees on how the bond will be paid out, you can fast track the refund. When parties disagree, you can quickly and easily submit a request for dispute resolution.

If you are lodging a bond refund online for the first time, please refer to our helpful resources below.

Tip: The fastest and easiest way to get a bond refund is for the tenant/s and the property owner/manager to agree about how the bond is to be paid out. This will allow you to benefit from our new Bond Refund Fast Track, where all parties can agree and respond online, and payment can be made quickly.

Note: If you are using Safari web browser to access RTA Web Services, please ensure you have switched off 'prevent cross-site tracking' in your browser settings. Learn how here. Alternatively, please use Google Chrome.

Important: If you are unable to use RTA Web Services or post and you need urgent help to submit a bond refund form, please call RTA on 1300 366 311 and we'll help you.

Before you begin, you will need:


  • your QGov login details (or create a QGov account)
  • a bond number for a current tenancy
  • the handover or vacate date (if applying for a full bond refund)
  • the new weekly rent, if applying for a rent reduction refund
  • unique email addresses for all tenants
  • your bank account details.

Managing parties

  • your QGov login details (register for a QGov account now)
  • your organisation’s RTA ID number
  • a bond number for a current tenancy
  • the new weekly rent, if applying for a rent reduction refund
  • the handover or vacate date, if applying for a full bond refund details of any claims on the bond
  • reason and amounts of any claims on the bond
  • unique email addresses for all tenants.

Note: Refunds are only paid into Australian bank accounts.

Remember: Any person knowingly submitting false or misleading details on the refund form is committing an offence under Queensland law.

Who can submit a digital bond refund request?

Either a tenant or managing party who has verified their digital identity through QGov can start the bond refund request process after the property has been vacated.

We recommend all parties discuss the bond refund before submitting a request.

You can only submit a digital refund request if:

  • you are a party to the bond
  • you are lodging a full bond refund or a partial refund following a rent reduction (no part bonds)
  • there is not already a bond refund in progress.

Note: If you do not have Australian-issued identification and cannot verify your digital identity through QGov, you can use the RTA’s paper-based Refund of rental bond form or call our helpdesk for assistance on 1300 366 311.

What is the bond refund process?

The graphic below shows the process for bond refunds.

Bond refund diagaram

Fast track refunds

  • Speak with all parties on the bond to make them aware of the bond refund request.
  • Reach agreement with all parties on how the bond refund should be paid.
  • Ensure everyone listed on the bond responds to the Bond Refund Fast Track email.

Non-fast track refunds and Notice of claim

  • Occurs when one or more parties do not respond to the fast track request within the allocated 48 hour timeframe; or
  • One or more parties do not agree to fast track the bond refund.

When this occurs, the RTA sends a Notice of claim to all necessary parties. The Notice of claim provides all parties with a link where they will be able to view details of the Claim and either agree to progress the bond refund, or request dispute resolution.

Bond Disputes

  • Occur when one or more parties respond to the Notice of claim and disagree about how the bond should be paid.

If the RTA receives a dispute resolution request within the legislative timeframe, a hold will be placed on the bond. A dispute resolution team member will then contact all relevant parties to discuss the next steps in the process.

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